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All our products contain unique active ingredients, developed over years of biotechnological research in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. 

PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with the efficacy of a drug without being a drug, which greatly increases their efficacy and guarantees visible and rapid results, from the very first application. 

See for yourself: check out the real photos, taken before and after treatment, available with all our products, as well as studies that endorse the efficacy of PBSerum Cosmeceuticals.

Proven efficacy with immediate results

Thanks to the revolutionary active ingredients patented by PBSerum, all our products guarantee visible results in a very short time and are endorsed by numerous scientific studies* that certify their efficacy. You can find them with every product, as well as real photos of women before and after treatment.

*Scientific studies carried out in Spain by Zurko Research and Clínica Med-Estetic. Click Here To View Study

Bio-active enzymes of proven efficacy

  • Greater precision – Specifically developed for each pathology, our enzymes only act where the skin requires it.
  • Greater penetration – Their molecular composition is far smaller than that of traditional cosmetics, which allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.
  • Greater potency – Their much higher concentration enhances and prolongs the effect.
  • Greater lifespan – The lyophilization process all our active ingredients are submitted to is key for maintaining them stable and guaranteeing their efficacy for over 15 years without having to add preservatives or additives.
  • 100% natural – As they are 100% biological, our enzymes are skin-friendly and do not produce irritations or side effects. They are the biological alternative to chemical products.

Moreover, our vials have been specially designed to keep the enzymes isolated and ensure they are 100% active at the time of use. Once mixed with the reconstitution solution, the product is ready for application.

The proven efficacy of PBSerum Cosmeceuticals is due to their revolutionary ingredients: the bio-active enzymes. These active substances (or ingredients) that have been specifically developed for each pathology are a natural alternative to chemical products, as they do not produce irritations or side effects. Their efficacy and pharmaceutical safety guarantee visible results in a very short time.

…in facial products with Smart Peeling technology

  • Keratinase PB333 – An intelligent active ingredient that recognizes the skin’s needs and only acts where required. Moreover, it enhances the efficacy of the other product components, multiplying their penetrating capacity by four. Its exfoliating effect encourages skin renewal, revitalizing it and increasing firmness.

 …in body products

  • Hyaluronidase PB3000 – This enzyme to break the polyssacharids of any excessive concentration responsible for the accumulation of fluids.
  • Collagenase CoL GH PB2200 – This enzyme dissolves adipose nodules in advanced cellulite
  • Lipase PB500 – This enzyme dissolve locally accumulated fat.

Smart Peeling

Queratinase KerA PB333

Smart Peeling by PBSerum – the intelligent enzyme

  • Acts only where the skin needs it
  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • It is readily absorbed and leaves no trace
  • No irritant effect

Smart Peeling is based on the bio-active enzyme Keratinase KerA PB333 developed by PBSerum. This active ingredient is very selective and only acts where the skin really needs it, directly on the keratin accumulated in dead cells. These cells produce superficial spots due to oxidation, UV radiation and cellular ageing, which this enzyme separates and effectively eliminates. At the same time, its exfoliating effect encourages cellular renewal in a natural way, which revitalizes the skin and increases firmness.

 Keratinase graphic

KerA PB333 disappears once it has acted on the skin

KerA PB333 has a powerful effect on stubborn skin, but is soft on delicate skin as it does not produce any kind of irritation. As the graph shows, the enzyme starts disappearing gradually as soon as it has finished its activity, which is why it is not necessary to wash it off after treatment.

You will find this enzyme in all our facial products because it is an excellent permeator that enables the rest of the ingredients to penetrate 4 times better into the skin, which significantly increases the efficacy of all the product components.

Electronic microphotographs show the permeator effect of KerA PB333

skin´s microphotographs with not treatment
Untreated skin
skin´s microphotograph with Keratinase treatment
KerA PB333 (surface cut)
traversal cut with Keratinase treatment
KerA PB333 (transversal cut)

Lyophilized Enzymes

Stable up to 15 years

  • The Lyophilization preserves 100% activity and properties of Enzymes
  • No preservatives or other additives
  • Most part of our active principles are Lyophilized

The Lyophilization process

  • This method consists in the dehydration of the active ingredients through freezing, by sublimation ice pressure. The active ingredients are produced under sterile conditions and their dry preservations does not require the use of preservatives.

Benefits for the product

  • All our bio-active enzymes undergo a process of lyophilization to preserve their efficacy for a long period of time without any modification of their activity. In this way, our product ingredients preserve 100% activity, as well as all the properties of their vitamins, without having to use preservatives or other additives. This is why they are both 100% biological and an alternative to chemical products.


Microemulsified Enzymes

Great ability to penetrate the skin

  • Microemulsified enzymes facilitate penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin

  • High stability

  • Easy drive

  • Topical and transdermal administration

  • Excellent vehicle polypeptides

The microemulsion process

  • Excellent vehicle polypeptides

Product benefits

  • Enzymes stability

  • Easy to use, easy application and transdermal

  • Microemulsions are thermodynamically stable dispersions of two immiscible liquids (water and oil ) stabilized by surfactants . They are transparent and with a very small particle size , getting stabilize enzymes while facilitates its penetration to deeper levels of skin.

There are two main categories of PBSerum products.  We have our “professional use only” products that can only be applied by licensed professionals, nurses, and physicians certified by Cosmedika USA.  We also have our “designed for home use” products that can be purchased by consumers but only through licensed professionals, nurses, and physicians certified by Cosmedika USA.  

There are different methods to apply PBSerum Cosmeceuticals.

In PBSerum we offer products specifically developed for each type of application and easy to use because they work with standard equipment and methods.

Professional Use Only Products

Barber And Beauty Professionals

We offer a range of very effective products specifically designed for barber and beauty professionals, which can be used with a variety of professional methods and standard equipment.


Body Line (Cosmetologists and Estheticians)


Recommended For

PBSerum Slim Topic

·        Localized fat

·        Adipose cellulite

PBSerum Smooth Topic

·        Advanced orange peel

·        Rebel fibrous cellulite

PBSerum Drain Topic

·        Liquids retention

·        Edematous cellulite

Facial Line (Barbers, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians)


Recommended For

Renewal Vit Equilibrium Complex

·        Aged skin

·        Spots and scars

·        Sun damage

Renewal Multi Vit Complex

·        Oily skin

·        Minor irritations

·        Acne tendency

Renewal Vit Radiant Complex

·        Dull skin

·        Superficial blemishes

Wrinkle Hyaluronic Complex

·        Wrinkles

·        Dry and dehydrated skin

·        Dry and wrinkled skin

Extreme Firmness Complex

·        Advanced facial flaccidity

·        Skin firmness and elasticity loss

·        Wrinkles

  •  Facial radiofrequency
  • Cavitation
  • Electroporation
  • Dermaroller
  • Manual massage

Nurses And Physicians

We offer a range of products specifically designed for healthcare professionals, which can be used with a variety of professional methods and standard equipment.

  • Medical RF
  • Dermaroller
  • Ultrasound
  • Intracell
  • Cavitation
  • Manual Massages

Designed For Home Use Products

Our “Designed For Home Use” products have been specially designed for easy application at home. Thanks to the lyophilization technique, the active ingredients of PBSerum remain stable for years until the time of use, when they are mixed with the reconstitution solution. After that, the product is ready for application.

Home Body Line (Cosmetologists and Estheticians)


Recommended For

Easy Touch Smooth

·        Orange peel

·        Fibrous cellulite

Easy Touch Drain

·        Liquids retention

·        Edematous cellulite