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HD COSMETIC EFFICIENCY was born from the confluence of more than 30 years of experience researching and developing dermocosmetic solutions for skin care, with the advice from opinion leaders in dermatological prescription.
HD COSMETIC EFFICIENCY fuses different ingredients of high dermatological efficiency guaranteeing a unique use experience and an unprecedented preventive action of skin aging.
These products offer a combination of active ingredients, concentration and technology, which make them extraordinary and incomparable with the current offer in the field of dermocosmetics. Their formulas have been carefully designed with unique textures that allow the best relationship between “cosmetic efficiency” and “skin compatibility”.
Followed after PBSerum Cosmeceutical Facial Services, these use at home products offer a wonderful solution to help maintain beautiful, healthy looking skin.

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HD Facial Firming Products


Over time, epidermis is not renewed as quickly, thus initiating the skin aging process. Overexposure to the sun and / or pollutants is added, which makes the skin vulnerable to premature aging. Additionally, the rate of cell regeneration decreases and the structural proteins begin to weaken; flaccidity is evident, skin restoration processes become slow, pores open, facial tone becomes pale; and spots, sebum deposits and rough appearance appear, as well as expression lines and deep wrinkles. REDEFINER is the line specially formulated to help to reaffirm the skin, providing a “tensor” lifting effect and a more revitalized appearance, which give the skin the elasticity and firmness of its youth.

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HD Facial Antiox Glowing Products


Daily we are exposed to multiple environmental factors that damage the skin: pollution, sunlight, tobacco smoke, high and low temperatures, among others. These factors generate free radicals that induce harmful and destructive mechanisms of our skin cells. When cells lose ability to defend against external aggressions and stop replicating correctly, the immediate consequence is the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, flaccidity and / or spots. NOX is the line specially formulated to help prevent, stop and reverse the damage caused by free radicals.

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HD Facial Antiox Anti-Ageing Products


As we age, the cells of our skin lose the ability to respond and signs of aging appear on our skin (flaccidity, wrinkles, pronounced wrinkles, spots). Once these cell damage becomes visible, only high-potency antioxidant formulas can help reverse them. NOX + is the line specially formulated with three powerful antioxidants; glutathione, lipoic acid and superoxide dismutase; They help reverse the damage caused by cell aging processes.

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HD Facial Sensitive Skin Products


There are skins with a lower tolerance threshold than normal, which overreact to daily stimuli, these are the sensitive skins. The symptoms that they suffer are itching, discomfort, sensation of heat and even the appearance of diffuse or localized redness. ROSAE* is the line specially formulated to hydrate, protect and sooth the most sensitive skin with a tendency to manifest redness.

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HD Facial Depigmenting Products


When we undergo intense sun exposure, our defense mechanisms act against aggression and activate the formation of melanin. The melanin increase in the epidermis, together with hormonal, environmental and genetic factors, leads to hyperpigmentation or spots. The spots are usually located on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, hands and neckline. MELAN-W is the line specially formulated to regulate the synthesis of melanin and promote the renewal of the skin helping to reduce spots and return a uniform skin tone.

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HD Facial Atopic Products


There are skins with a tendency to develop atopic dermatitis, characterized by the presence of intense itching, erythema, xerosis, exudation, crusting and peeling. It especially affects childhood and adolescence. TOPI + is the line specially formulated to restore the hydrolipidic film of atopic prone skins, with lack of hydration and lipids, and relieve the associated symptoms: inflammation, dryness, redness and itching.

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HD Facial Oily Skin Products


Oily skin is often associated with teenage acne prone skin, however, acne can appear at any age. Oily skin is characterized by a sebum excess that produces shine. This sebum excess is due to a multifactorial disorder of the sebaceous gland and clogging of the pores. It is related to hormonal variations, incorrect hygiene, stress, drugs, among others. Oily and acne prone skin needs a specific treatment and an adapted cosmetic routine. ACNIPURE is the line specially formulated to combat the visible signs of oily and acne prone skin, helping to promote smooth and shiny skin.

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HD Facial Moisturizing And Blue Light Protection Products


We live in a digital environment, composed of electronic devices, such as mobiles, computers, LEDs, screens … that emit HEV radiation or blue light what constitutes a new skin aggressor. The blue light generates free radicals that reach the dermis damaging the collagen and elastin fibers. This causes the appearance of spots, loss of firmness and elasticity, and even damage to the DNA of skin cells causing digital skin aging. BLUMOIST is the specially designed moisturizing care with Blue Light Shield technology that protects from HEV radiation emitted by digital devices and prevents the signs of digital aging.

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HD Facial Cleansing Products


DETOXIFIER is the cleaning line specially formulated for the most demanding skins. Thoroughly cleanses the skin, freeing it of toxins and impurities and protecting it from contamination. Thanks to the incorporation of two innovative actives in its formula that are Cellular Detoxifier and a Saponin Complex.

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HD Facial Mas-K Products


The accelerated rhythm of life and the continued exposure to harmful external agents (radiation, pollution, toxins) effect on your skin. Your skin deserves a moment of special care in which it feels protagonist. MAS-K is the intensive care for a unique skin, an essential experience. Specially formulated to maintain healthy skin and get visible results immediately.

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